Takziah Dan Hukumnya


Saya baru menerima khabaran berita kematian ayah seorang teman baik, Muhammad Nur Waafi Badruldin. Semoga Waafi dan keluarga terus bersabar dan semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat serta mengampunkan ayahnya.

Ucapan takziah bermaksud menghiburkan orang yang ditimpa musibah dengan menyebut hal-hal yang dapat menghapuskan duka dan meringankan penderitaan. Hukum takziah adalah sunat dan sangat digalakkan dalam Islam. Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang bermaksud :
"Mana-mana orang mukmin yang mengucapkan takziah kepada saudaranya sesama Islam yang ditimpa musibah, melainkan ia akan diberi balasan yang sebaik-baiknya oleh Allah s.w.t  iaitu dimuliakan dan dipakaikan dengan persalinan yang serba indah dari pakaian kemuliaan dihari kiamat kelak."

Masa yang paling afdal untuk mengucapkan ucapan takziah ialah sebelum mayat dikebumikan dan berlanjutan sehingga tiga hari mulai dari hari matinya. Jika tidak ada di tempat kematian itu atau tidak mengetahui akan kematian yang berlaku maka bolehlah mengucapkan takziah bila mana perkhabaran kematian tersebut diberitahu.

Lafaz ucapan takziah daripada orang Islam kepada orang Islam yang kematian keluarga adalah seperti berikut :

أعظم الله أجرك وأحسن عزائك وغفر لميتك  
"semoga Allah memberikan pahala yang berganda-ganda kepada saudara dan menjadikan saudara dapat bersabar dengan sebaik-baiknya serta diampunkan orang yang telah mati"
Sunat bagi keluarga yang kematian itu menjawab menjawab ucapan takziah dengan lafaz :

جزاك الله خيرا 
"semoga Allah memberi balasan sebaik-baiknya kepada saudara."
Ucapan takziah hanya disunatkan sekali sahaja, ucapan diucapkan kepada seluruh kerabat si mati, besar mahupun kecil, lelaki atau perempuan tetapi tidak boleh mengucapkan takziah itu kepada perempuan yang muda melainkan sesamanya perempuan, suami atau pun mahramnya. Ini kerana ditakuti akan mendatangkan fitnah. Ucapan takziah melalui surat juga dibolehkan.


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    Suzi wonders if the curse has claimed its last victim following the "Kitty incident." Suzi is amazed when Trixie Topps, the final prom queen candidate, shows up Thursday morning at college with a killer burn up just after falling asleep in a tanning bed. Trixie blames her scenario about the curse, and Principal Peasey threatens to cancel prom all with each other. Suddenly, Suzi volunteers to get the prom queen in hopes that she will flush out the individual resulting in each of the ruckus. Will she be the curse's up coming victim? Will her system to capture the person behind Replica Omega Speedmaster the curse operate? Will Suzi Clue conserve the prom?

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    Antique timepieces almost always refer to mechanised timepieces that ended up created far more than fifty a long time back or further. They're not relatively useful in retaining appropriate keep track of of one's time, and as an choice make fine presents or maybe a pleasant piece of decoration.
    The antique take a look at organization is often a multi-billion greenback organization. For the other hand there are a sizable quantity of fakes around the industry so buying an antique love wants cautious research.
    a brief background of the time
    Some awareness of mechanised timepieces will probably assist a whole great deal in judging the approximate date of manufacturing while in the antique take a look at :
    1500s Peter Henlein of Germany developed the first pocket observe
    1660s Christian Huygens formulated the remontoire
    1680s Repeating mechanism for bells and would seem patented
    1700s Rubies employed in observe movements
    1750s Enamel applied on observe dials
    1760s Lever escapement designed
    1800s Initially self winding observe produced
    1840s Preliminary savor to have winding and setting as a result of crown
    1914 Planet War I popularizes the wrist observe
    1914 Fairly initially wrist observe with alarm
    1926 Principal consuming water evidence wrist-watch
    1956 1st see to demonstrate day and date
    1960 Very initially investigate to acquire scratch-proof dial
    Sources of Antique Wrist watches
    Antique wrist watches of a whole lot of established organizations are provided like Rolex, Omega, Universal Geneve, Angelus, Vacheron & Constantin, Seiko, Benrus, Breitling, Gruen, Zodiac, IWC, Movado, TAG Heuer, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Shakosha ( voter view company of Japan ) Gallet, Wittnauer, Bulova for example. You can find lots of sources online selling watches online . Good buys can be found at auctions and 2nd hand markets but the genuineness of these antique wrist watches are doubtful.
    maintenance of Antique Wrist watches
    maintenance of the observe is really complicated. The parts aren't typically available and antique wrist watches cannot be fixed at all investigate shops. So do make sure that the seller also guarantees their appropriate if the requirement arises. Most antique delight in sellers also provide upkeep and care manuals for the antique savor. Be certain to follow the instructions.
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    Antique timepieces make smashing presents and give the wearer a definite and creative look. Owning one permits the owner to mix artistic appeal and mawkish charm. However , they are rather pricey generally and have to have a significant volume of maintenance and care.

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